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We create end to end software solutions for all market research needs.

Our service teams design, build, and deploy IT applications that address the unique business and customer challenges of our clients.

Let Algorithms do the hard work

Automation needs? Let Klugus sort it out.

  With the help of Klugus APIs you can integrate and automate your survey programming process.

  Our APIs help our clients to enhance their survey process in each stage.

  Streamline workflow and amplify the capabilities of your existing survey management tools

  Our APIs add meaning to your data by contextualizing the survey results.

  Our API automation helps businesses to increase quality, cut research costs & save time.

API Support

Demand API Integration

Our Demand API integration helps you to connect client tools with vendor platforms, allowing you to purchase samples in an automated manner.

Supplier API

Our suppliers can have an easy access to all our survey inventory through this API. They can expect latest list of surveys available to use with real time statistics for each survey.

Quality Check API

A robust security system to conduct respondent IP address checks to ensure Data Integrity

Data Profiling API

An interface to give you access to data profiles of Klugus Panelists that you shortlist for your projects

Survey Panel API

Specially developed to ease Survey Management Tools Integration.

Technology Partner

  We possess the capability to connect our clients to any buyer-supplier-exchange platform.

  We provide full technical and engineering assistance in each step of the automation and integration process.

  In simpler words, we can be your end to end technology partner.

Always there to help

  Our training and support teams are online 24x7 to help you when you need it the. Get in touch with us anytime. We're happy when you are.

Automate the daily & focus on the 'Next'

  Our APIs help you free yourself from the repetitive grind of survey management, so you can focus on 'growing' instead of 'sustaining'.

Web Development

Our web applications, power businesses across various industries.

Be it custom web app development from scratch, migration from your legacy application to a new solution, or enhancement of the front-end functionality, we are eager to accept your web development challenge staying within time and budget limits.

eCommerce Application Development

We bring in technology expertise and valuable ideas throughout the entire process of online store creation.
  • Business analysis

    We start with diving into your business to come up with the most rewarding e-commerce strategy.

  • UX research and design

    With a customer pool being specific for each online store, we strengthen our e-commerce projects with deep UX research and relevant UX design to set the pace to further development.

  • E-commerce website development

    Creating online stores first and foremost for people, we ensure compelling, user- and mobile-friendly web design. We leverage business insights and our technical competencies to develop e-commerce web solutions that pay off.

  • Maintenance and support

    We provide 24/7 e-commerce support to guarantee that your online store functions smoothly and visitors don't stumble upon any obstacles while navigating it.

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